About Remembrall Live

Remembrall Live is the official podcast of The Remembrall. Each episode we bring you the latest news from the Potterverse. We discuss what's going on, news regarding the latest film, and just anything Harry Potter.

Each episode you'll hear from Alex and Cristabelle.

We are always willing to try your ideas so get in contact with use and lets us know what you have in mind, chances are you'll come on the show to present it!

In Each Show

News Overview: At the beginning of each show we bring you the recent news from the Potter World.

Main Discussion: Every episode we choose a topic and talk about it at length.

Quick Quotes: Cristabelle will pick a line or two out of the books and (this is where you get involved!) you can email in with the book, chapter, or page the line is from.

Wizardly Wisdoms: Wise Words from the World of Harry Potter: This segment was the winner of our contest to create a new segment for the show. Sean, the winner, joins us here every podcast!

The Random Roundup: Here we just go out on some tangent and talk about anything and everything. Sometimes it's related to Harry Potter, other times not so much! Also you will hear about any site updates, contest results, shout outs and maybe a little bit about the next episode!